• WHY ?

    Why making films? Being a director? working in cinema?

    Everysingle film-maker, director, ask himself, herself, the question,
    doubt at least once...

    The next reflexion comes from a personnal experience, and don't have to
    be take as generality, but can, maybe, help those who doubted ans still do...

    I did it, i asked myself this question, fatale, maybe, it had to happen one day,
    and it did...


    This three letters word, will put my brain up and down, to provoque a naîve desillusion...
    i had to face my dreams and illusion to the truth and reality...
    was victim, of the "complex of Fake", explain then.
    Weeks after, i simply realised that i asked myself answers i'll may only get later, one future day,
    and had to first anwser others, and say goodbye to a auto-psycho-analyse, going trough the perseptions
    of reality and imagination, the truth and illusion..

    the true ones where :

    What using film and cinema for ?
    for what good reason and goals ?

    It's so important to not idealise what's simply a support,
    as a page, a web, a rock, an instrument of expression,
    nothing more, nothing less...

    This is a first proove of maturity i've ever had,
    concerning cinema.

    Then, the research of a thrid answer to the queston:

    how will to use it ?

    If we really think about it, what does Welles, Van Trier,
    Trantino, Depalma the one they are, or used to be ?

    This greatest director found their personnal way of doing,
    their form, themes and languages.

    Nedd to start a first true work about film making and what
    compose it, to get my alphabet trough screenplay, light,
    camera, acting, montage etc... to make it mine.

    Feel awake from a dream...

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  • it's been a couple of days... a beat busy, and had to deal with an up and down mood caused by clodturkey, damn smoke, and projects...ideas, and above all time, my ennemy!

    Eternal sunshine is good example of the film i like, and will wich to do my way, very plastic and researched, visualy poetic, sensible, between the reality and imagination... Childhood innocence and dreams, facing adult reponsabilities and everyday life problems...an original love story, and great cast from screenplay to post and soundtrack...actors... even if nostalgic and somtimes a beat sad, a very, very, very good film...

    Thanks M Gondry !

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  • One of the best film ever done to my pov... a brillant concept and illustration of the human condition, stimulating or own judgement and conscience, imagination...

    exelent acting and directing close to the documentary style, if it's not a narrative one...

    a human story. minimalist and powerfull...

    should get the palme d'or, anyway, a film to feel and see, thanks for this chef d'oeuvre, and great experience M .... ... ..... !

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