• From a novice level, to a student one, 7 films done in six years, included two experimental features.

    99- Crépuscule, 00-the little red hidding hood,  02-the messager (never edited), 03-film N°4 (E.F)

    film school entrance.

    O4-the murder, 04- film N°6 (E.F), 05- somewhere beyond the sea

    and experiences as assistant director on Anthem directed by Dean J. Augustin ( a good fight / texas) and Fragile by Frederique Galfo (L.A)        

    Storyboard of five different short films exp.mine,  acting in ten of them including directors practices...

    work on sfx and postprouction, editing.

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  • thanks, you were perfect!

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  • Clues of a rendez-vous...

    Two peoples met at this table, this early morning close to Nation, before i came in, and left behind them clues...what did happened there, and who are those who came to have a cup of coffee there?... Two lovers, friends, father and son, boss and employer, someone waiting for an other who never came...a lonely worker???                                                              

    just can imagine, but if you check well the picture, you'll notice, that none are taking suggar with their coffee, so amateurs, one eaten the little cake, the other not, one finshed the cup, the other isn't totaly empty, but the both are smokers for sure... no lip stick red on the coffe cup or cigarette... It can be the begining of a sreenplay based on this rendez-vous hypotheses...what did happened there, who were those who came ???

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  • Back to origin...

    When i was eleven, i met a great teacher who pushed me to make my passion reality, C.Martin, teaching plastic art, he became on time the composer of my first short film in 1999, and above all, a friend, the captain who guided me on the way of film-making. Thank to you C.

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  • Today's picture, will try to do one per day, to practice light and framing, taking for subject the city of Paris... hope you'll like it...

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