• today's picture - hypotheses of a rendez-vous-

    Clues of a rendez-vous...

    Two peoples met at this table, this early morning close to Nation, before i came in, and left behind them clues...what did happened there, and who are those who came to have a cup of coffee there?... Two lovers, friends, father and son, boss and employer, someone waiting for an other who never came...a lonely worker???                                                              

    just can imagine, but if you check well the picture, you'll notice, that none are taking suggar with their coffee, so amateurs, one eaten the little cake, the other not, one finshed the cup, the other isn't totaly empty, but the both are smokers for sure... no lip stick red on the coffe cup or cigarette... It can be the begining of a sreenplay based on this rendez-vous hypotheses...what did happened there, who were those who came ???

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    Samedi 22 Octobre 2005 à 23:03
    Ok I gonna try to find the following scene...
    What about two brothers who last met each other there are 3 years ago. They had that rendez vous because of a problem with the most important person of their relatives, their mum died of heart disease. However it is very hard for the 2 brothers to talk about their mum but yet having a discussion with his brother is difficult. So why one didn't finish his cup? the atmosphere was rude and last but not least one talked again about the problem which separated them. It was too much for the other, first his mum died, second he was forced to talk to his brother, what's more the other talked about problem which had occured 3 years ago. So he scratched his cigarette and didn't take the time to finish his cup of coffee,thus he left. Ian.
    Lundi 24 Octobre 2005 à 02:00
    comment to closer...always be more.
    Thanks for the comments, its sound well fromated by "story" or "hollywood scirpts" but well constructed i have to admit... the first thing i thought about this picture, was a yong woman waiting for a first date meeting and the guy never arrived...and made a point on her life situation to conclude on the fact she was loosing her time with such a dumb guy... but as open window, and a time more...everything could happen, and like your story anyway, a truth of the situation, so ever fine...
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