• the three foundamental questions.

    WHY ?

    Why making films? Being a director? working in cinema?

    Everysingle film-maker, director, ask himself, herself, the question,
    doubt at least once...

    The next reflexion comes from a personnal experience, and don't have to
    be take as generality, but can, maybe, help those who doubted ans still do...

    I did it, i asked myself this question, fatale, maybe, it had to happen one day,
    and it did...


    This three letters word, will put my brain up and down, to provoque a naîve desillusion...
    i had to face my dreams and illusion to the truth and reality...
    was victim, of the "complex of Fake", explain then.
    Weeks after, i simply realised that i asked myself answers i'll may only get later, one future day,
    and had to first anwser others, and say goodbye to a auto-psycho-analyse, going trough the perseptions
    of reality and imagination, the truth and illusion..

    the true ones where :

    What using film and cinema for ?
    for what good reason and goals ?

    It's so important to not idealise what's simply a support,
    as a page, a web, a rock, an instrument of expression,
    nothing more, nothing less...

    This is a first proove of maturity i've ever had,
    concerning cinema.

    Then, the research of a thrid answer to the queston:

    how will to use it ?

    If we really think about it, what does Welles, Van Trier,
    Trantino, Depalma the one they are, or used to be ?

    This greatest director found their personnal way of doing,
    their form, themes and languages.

    Nedd to start a first true work about film making and what
    compose it, to get my alphabet trough screenplay, light,
    camera, acting, montage etc... to make it mine.

    Feel awake from a dream...

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