• Eternal sunshine...

    it's been a couple of days... a beat busy, and had to deal with an up and down mood caused by clodturkey, damn smoke, and projects...ideas, and above all time, my ennemy!

    Eternal sunshine is good example of the film i like, and will wich to do my way, very plastic and researched, visualy poetic, sensible, between the reality and imagination... Childhood innocence and dreams, facing adult reponsabilities and everyday life problems...an original love story, and great cast from screenplay to post and soundtrack...actors... even if nostalgic and somtimes a beat sad, a very, very, very good film...

    Thanks M Gondry !

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    Dimanche 30 Octobre 2005 à 18:43
    I think i will go
    Waouh! your description is as it was close to your heart (i don't if you know what i mean...my english is maybe wrong sometimes...sorry)But you see it's as if the story belongs to your life. Maybe doesn't... Now I have 2 questions for you: First, do you know when will the film release in France? and then, if it is not too inquisitive, whos your ennemy??? See you' Ian
    Dimanche 30 Octobre 2005 à 20:42
    well, the film came out more than a year ago, now in dvd... for the second answer : i'm my own one. Have any analyse to suggest from what you saw here..? take care.
    Dimanche 30 Octobre 2005 à 20:47
    peter pan' s best friend
    probably victim of "Peter Pan"'s syndrome... i trust in imagination and magic, and wanna never grow.
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