traduction and analyse in english and progress...

    lève le voile sur un personnage central du régime nazi : Albert Speer.
    Ce docu-fiction est construit en trois parties, qui correspondent aux trois temps de la vie publique de cet homme :
    les années de pouvoir et la guerre, le procès de Nuremberg,
    l'emprisonnement et la publication de ses Mémoires.
    Le film entremêle les images d'archives, les scènes
    de fiction dans l'intimité d'Hitler et d'Albert Speer,
    de Speer au procès de Nuremberg et dans la prison de Spandau,
    enfin les entretiens réalisés par Heinrich Breloer
    avec les enfants de Speer.

    Light on Albert Speer, a central Character of the Nazi's regim,
    done in three acts, one for each key public life time of the popular achitect.

    Years of war and power / Nuremberg case / prison and memories publication.

    the film is cut by film archives of the second world war period, as news repport and documantaries... fiction scenes and reconstitutions about H and Speers in their "private relation"... Speer at the nurmeberg process, and in Spandau's prison... edited in between of Speer's children interviews, talking about their realtions with him, and the secrets he owned.

    That said, let's move on...

    This film is a very dangerous exercice  and gives us : Speer as a victim.
    tries us to excuse or understand this man, only because of his art connection, so under minded...humanist philosophy...and it was directed that way with talent and style... this film NEED to be crossed over with other sources and books... can't be take as ultimate truth... but as an only  version of it...

    Speer send himself to devil...

    Did he knew about hiltler plans? did he tried to stop him or it? was he involved in... to what level... could he only ignore it? The film will never realy aswer this questions but only leave a doubt behind ...a maybe...

    it gives a reconstituion of the historical facts, and will make some hypotheses about the man he was...the way he thought in a very please way... and tries to make the audience sad, to feel pity about him... only contrasted by his own children, less "directed" and more honnest about the one he was...

    I can understand the man's dreams and faith trough art, but can't agree with his political values... he's firts a man, then an architect... and finaly a nazi minister... don't try to make me cry please! I'm realy confused about this docu-fiction...can't realy understand it meaning and goal...

    He might had no choice (even more than other), and wanted to let his name in history... did it need an " anyhow" ?

    commentaries are welcome on cinematorama@gmail.com will be under paste...give me your opinion, i'm effraid to understand the wrong goal of this film...

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