• Sky captain

    Capitain sky and the world of tomorrow.

    will try to forget the no sens of it screenplay, desapointing as some sfx, still laugh on water balls used for spalshing... anyway, focus on the cinetographhy...

    The originality of the film is to shoot on blue screen wich requires a specific lighting to get a good result next in post, mostly frogot, on some takes, "polly" is less than a meter from it... so it's fatal ! hard is here to talk about lighting 'cause mostly re-touched in cgi, but if something sure: none of the digital lighter ever left their pc to study it sadly... it comes from everywhere, no connection with the sources on set, durts on masks gently saved by the omnipresent glow around characters...

    on the begining, Polly is more or less in the dark (digital) and look to mask the un control of incrustation process... sad.

    Anyway, it's good looking but as flat as my scanner, no deapth on the picture...

    Sin city done on the same process, and a true after light work, based on true cinematography... Sky's one would be a undred time better.

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