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  • it's been a couple of days... a beat busy, and had to deal with an up and down mood caused by clodturkey, damn smoke, and projects...ideas, and above all time, my ennemy!

    Eternal sunshine is good example of the film i like, and will wich to do my way, very plastic and researched, visualy poetic, sensible, between the reality and imagination... Childhood innocence and dreams, facing adult reponsabilities and everyday life problems...an original love story, and great cast from screenplay to post and soundtrack...actors... even if nostalgic and somtimes a beat sad, a very, very, very good film...

    Thanks M Gondry !

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  • One of the best film ever done to my pov... a brillant concept and illustration of the human condition, stimulating or own judgement and conscience, imagination...

    exelent acting and directing close to the documentary style, if it's not a narrative one...

    a human story. minimalist and powerfull...

    should get the palme d'or, anyway, a film to feel and see, thanks for this chef d'oeuvre, and great experience M .... ... ..... !

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  • From a novice level, to a student one, 7 films done in six years, included two experimental features.

    99- Crépuscule, 00-the little red hidding hood,  02-the messager (never edited), 03-film N°4 (E.F)

    film school entrance.

    O4-the murder, 04- film N°6 (E.F), 05- somewhere beyond the sea

    and experiences as assistant director on Anthem directed by Dean J. Augustin ( a good fight / texas) and Fragile by Frederique Galfo (L.A)        

    Storyboard of five different short films exp.mine,  acting in ten of them including directors practices...

    work on sfx and postprouction, editing.

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