• Complex of Fake

    This complex, takes its inspiration from Orson Welles "F for Fake",

    People working on  expression, like painting, theatre, cinema,  and other transcritption of truth, or one, can, and probalby feel it once...

    "A faker searching truth trough a lie" can sum-up the situation, a sculptor that wish to see his rock breathing, a paintor a face alive, a film-maker a story to realy happen to him, as a writtor , to find reality trough creation...and, even beleive it as one.

    The victime, so faker can feels gulty of lies, and both try to find an "excuse", positive motivation of doing this, can try to find more realism in his life, to find out the life he wants in, or can turn mad, mental confusion.

    I know it can sound weird, but i guess, there is something there... tell me if you understood something in this.

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