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    The march of the penguins / la marche de l'empreur

    a great documentary, an extrem shooting, a life story...

    The march of the penguins takes place in the iced-sea, relating the travel of birds colonies walking trough it for days to birthchild in a save place...waiting for spring...

    The pictures are amazing! and the story related is surprising...

    The only thing, element wich is regreted : the voices!

    why ? It's ok the first time you see it to better understand what's going on, but then, it's just stupid... sound like a disney picture, where animals have human attributes, feelings and philosophy... a regular, deep and good voice over, narrator would be a undred time better...to inform, giving elements of the different marchs... but with actors, playing frozen birds...we just can imagine the christmas commercial issue of the film... only check the US trailer...i just laugh (the french one is different...and did had a true heavy "kid traget")

    anyway...you can put the voices off, to enjoy fully nature' show !

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